(1) Employability Skills (ES)

Purpose of the Programme:

Employability skills Training Programmes is specially designed for the students, MBA aspirants and those who will be looking for cracking MNC interviews in near future. This module will instil all the requisite skills of cracking a dream job and building that attitude which students lacks in current era of globalization. The topics covered under the programme are:

(1) Resume Writing

(2) Interview Etiquette

(3) Body Language and Dressing for interview

(4) Handling emotions, stress and anxiety

(5) Communication Skills

(6) Presentation Skills

(2) Tailor-made (Customised) Training Programme (TTP) or CTP

Purpose of Programme:

To Suit the industry and professional’s requirement in customised manner, provide specific skill requirements. Focussing more in the psychology, presentability and personality development aspect of individual or organisations.

(1) Etiquettes and Behavioural Skills

(2) Dress for Success

(3) Working in a Team & Team Building

(4) Procrastination

(5) Selling yourself with ease – Confidence on your sleeves

(6) Making an impact in Public Speaking

(7) Interview Etiquette

(8) Making the difference in Presentation Skills

(9) Communication is an art – Know it with experience

(10) Letter Writing

(11) Resume Writing

(12) Office Communication at its best

(13) Assertiveness

(14) Listening skills vs Hearing Skills

(15) Soft Skills vs Hard Skills

(16) Adaptability – the key to become successful individual and Leader

(3) Millennium Training Programme (MTP)

Purpose of Programme:

Catering to specific requirement of different sectors/ areas of operations. Programme is for those who wants to get into next level business sense or intelligence.

(1) Time Makers – Manage your time in your own style

(2) Change Makers – Change is a complex process, learn the science behind it

(3) Decision Makers – Choose your decision, never let decision choose you

(4) Conflict resolvers – how to avoid conflict in life and in office

(5) Transactional Analysis

(6)  Negotiation Makers – Negotiate like never before

(7) SWOT Analysis

(8) Goal Achievers

(9) Leader Maker – Let the Leader within you unleash

(10) Motivation at work place

(11) Trainer Makers Module – let the trainer within you roar

(12) Six Sigma

(13) Customer Service and its magic

(15) Managerial Effectiveness

(16) Stress Management

(17) Instilling value and vision in Employee

(4) Skills for Success (SFS)

Purpose of Programme:

To provide necessary skills to succeed in the competitive scenario of the new millennium.

(1) Communication Makers

(2) Business English and its usage

(3) Confidence and Motivation go hand in hand

(4) Emotional Intelligence

(5) Programming your mind for positivity

(6)  Letter Writing

(5) Capacity Building Training Programmes (CBT)

Purpose of the Programme:

To provide necessary intervention in upscaling the capacity of individuals,

(1) Content Writing

(2) Blogging and Novel Writing

(3) Standard Operating Procedures – SOP

(4) Citizen Journalism

(5) NGO Capacity Building Training

(6) Entrepreneur Training

(7) Household Resource Management

Information Technology Training Programmes

Purpose of the programme:

To provide necessary skill-set in the vertical of information Technology which can smoothen the work environment for individuals and institutions with immediate effect.

(1) Basics of Computers

(2) E-Mail and its usages

(3) Microsoft Office

(4) Microsoft Excel

(5) Digital Marketing

(6) Social Media and its usages

(7) E-Mail Communication

Target Audience

(1)        Students/Individuals

(2)        Corporates and SMEs

(3)        Government Bodies

(4)        Non-Governmental Organizations