Mr Vasudevbhai VoraAdvisory Committee

Areas of Expertise:
  • Voluntary sector
  • Environment education
  • Basic Education as defined by Mahatma Gandhi
  • Value-based education
  • Networking and organisational management
Academics and Credentials:
  • Masters in Philosophy from Saurashtra University

Mr Vasudevbhai Vora holds over 4 decades of experience of field work in the education sector in the areas of environment awareness, vocational training, value-based learning, Basic Education or Nai Taleem concept propagated by Mahatma Gandhi among others. He heads a voluntary organisation named Hind Swaraj Mandal, with its headquarters in Vadodara and field area in across the State. Mr Vora has strong connect with rural schools and is good at documentation, constructive, relief and other work besides academics.