Recruiting right candidate for right job is a process, not an event.

In a globalized world, industries and corporates are increasingly depending on their human capital to be more competitive and stay innovative for moving up on the ladder of success.

However, it is widely experienced that the available workforce and the desired skill-set for the roles often mismatch. Sourcing right candidate is a tough task in competitive market, and above that placing them for required opening is even tougher.

Workforce with job-ready skills is the key advantage at Millennium Makers (MM). We don’t merely provide workforce, but we train them to be job ready.

MM follows the approach of skilling of human resources to make them suitable for the job requirements and meet the customized needs of the employers.

MM holds expertise in talent acquisition and robust background screening of the candidates before they are placed.

As an executive-search consultancy, MM strives to perform on timely delivery of desired candidate in shortest of the time span. With proven expertise on sourcing of candidates through various competitive channels we meet the requirements of our clients.

Adding to our expertise in the placements functions is our expertise in Training, which comes handy to be an effective tool to make the workforce a human capital for the organisation.


Millennium Makers’ placement and recruitment process is robust involving different aspects of our services.

Role Analysis: We conduct detailed analysis of the roles and its requirement. The client is expected to share key features and expectations for the roles.

Skill-Gap analysis: Considering the available workforce and its efficiency, the skill-gap analysis will be done. This will further make it easier to understand the job requirement and the available skills with the prospective candidates.

Shortlisting: Based on the role requirements and the employers’ expectations, the candidates will be shortlisted considering 360-degree evaluation surrounding the candidates.

Background screening: The shortlisting will be accompanied by the robust background screening of the candidates. Due care is being taken to make the prospective employee/human resource an asset for the organisation and not a liability.

Conducting Interviews: Based on the organisations’ inputs and agreement on the pool of candidates, the interviews are conducted to move further in the selection process. The initial skill-gap analysis, shortlisting and the background screening reduces a great extent of the effort and time consumed in the interview process.

Training & Development: The appointed candidates will, then be provided training & development on the areas and aspects as directed and selected by the organisations.

Grooming and Vision transmission: Millennium Makers goes an extra mile to provide its specialized services of soft skill development for the newly appointed employees for smooth induction in the new setup. This is to groom the candidate according to the culture of the organisation.

Vision transmission will help candidates understand the core values and vision/mission of the companies/organisations to become an ambassador of the brand.

At the end of the exhaustive selection process, organisations/companies get job-ready as well as ready-to-represent workforce thereby proving himself as a human capital in true sense.