For a rapid economic growth of the country, efficient and skilled workforce for the industry and the services sector is a prerequisite. In spite of this well-recognised fact, the growth has been hampered due to skill-gap in the available human resource. To address this crucial aspect of employers and of the human resource, Millennium Makers has developed a concept of Skill Consulting – for individuals and for organisations.

The Philosophy of Skill Consulting:

Skill Consulting follows a scientific method of first recognising the skills available in the workforce and assess the requirement of additional skills to perform a task, secondly, it identified the gap areas and provides a complete analysis of:

  • What are the gap areas? (Identification)
  • Why this gap areas persist? (Reasoning)
  • How to address and overcome the gap areas? (Corrective steps)
  • MM Intervention through Consulting or Training
  • Follow-up for smooth and sustained implementation

For Individuals:

Millennium Makers provides personalised skill consulting to individuals, who are open to identify their skill gap areas and willing to overcome the gaps and step up in the ladder of progress.

For the individuals, MM provides a model of personalised consulting followed by a voluntary choice of training. MM’s HR experts and analysts sit with the candidate for multiple sessions and analyse various facets of his/her personality in context of the work profile or the desired upgradation of specific skill areas.

Over the years, it has been proved that “A skilled and adequately skilled individual is more relied upon in a team.

At MM, we believe:  For an individual – skill upgradation leads to performance maximisation.