In any organizational setting crux of business revolves around three elements and these are (1) HR (2) Operation and (3) Training. To satisfy People in the organization, companies need Human Resource Systems. To strengthen Management Systems in the set-up, companies need good Policy and Procedures. In order to deal with the nitty-gritty involved among the employees and to ensure smooth functioning of HR department, employee skill sets, Training is essential. To cater to these requirements and to strengthen market command, consulting is the best solution in current times. One roof solution for all these 3 areas are rare and indisputable.

What Management consulting can do for you and your organization?

HR Consulting helps in boosting organizational performance with many strategic benefits like eliminating the repetitive back office HR Functions, cost competitiveness and helps in maintaining strategic HR, Operational and Training focus.

Salient Features of Consulting are:

  • It’s cost effective
  • Customization available
  • Saves time
  • Gives overall perspective through team of experts
  • Frequent suggestion and plenty skilled brain working at the same time, gives you miracle results
  • Gives you flexibility and options
  • Focuses on human performance and results
  • Easy to measure improvements through mapping tools and review
  • It helps Motivating employees through making them Efficient, Productive and Transparent in the organization
  • It doesn’t only help Management in the organization but helps improving overall employee satisfaction too.

The Management Consulting with regard to HR, Operations and Training

  • Developing HR, Operational and Training capacity by investing in the Policy, Processes and Training of the staff at organization. This will draw out clear picture for HR, Line Managers and Professionals at work with their responsibilities.
  • It is crucial that any investment in specialist HR, Operations and Training capacity evaluates the different ways to deliver the HR, Operational and Training functions. Even if outsourcing is rejected the in-house HR function should be properly audited and monitored.
  • To be effective the HR, Operational and Training vertical must develop both an operational and a strategic HR capacity. The HR function should not try to run before it can walk – robust HR policies and practices should be developed before attempts at devolution or more radical changes in the organizational structured practices should be pursed.

Source: HR and new Approaches to Public Sector Management: Improving HRM Capacity by Stephen Bach

How does Consulting Services work?

The HR, Operation and Training consulting service is very popular phenomena in western countries. Companies may choose from variety of consulting services. They may choose taking up everything or may be opting for some need based services based on their analysis. This totally depends on company to company and their modern requirements, challenges and problems. Stages and process of the consulting are as mentioned below:


  • Identify the process flow. Find out the start point, the essential steps, the approvals and information sharing joints.
  • Find out the bottle necks in each process. It can be a clear area where the work gets delayed. Alternatively, it can remain evasive, i.e. if the recruitment for a role was delayed once, due to the unavailability of the Interviewers. It can be the absence of the signing authority to the letters next time. Identify all such grey areas where work gets stuck. Create a second line, where it will move in order to avoid delay.
  • Create simpler processes, with clearer accountability to deliver the tasks and time within which it has to end. Avoid cutting the long processes down, at once, rather chose to do it in phases.
  • Review and benchmark the documents and policies with respect to an industry leader or any organization that meets the required standard.
  • Try and keep the main responsibilities of each process to fewer numbers of employees. This will create fewer dependencies. In case you have dire situation, you may consider other wise. Please create levels for managing different responsibilities.