Career Counselling at Schools in Anand district – 2002-03

Millennium Makers (MM), through a team of volunteers conducted career counselling and basic training sessions with students of class 8 and above at villages of Sandesar, Ashi and Agas of the Anand district during August 2002 to March 2003. During the event, Team MM provided career guidance on career opportunities and the way ahead in different streams in education and their benefits. They were provided basic training on communication and behaviour to make them prepared for their further career engagement. The school authorities appreciated the effort and found it ‘thoughtful and worthy for betterment of the students.’ Mr P R Pate, Principal of Shree Pritam High School, Sandesar of Anand district commended the efforts saying, “The school management appreciates your efforts and believes that the guidance provided to the students at the crucial juncture of their career would be much useful to them to build their future. This will help them overcome the doubts about their future carrers and help them build a stronger future for themselves.

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